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Arkotech Hellas
 30 str,platonos Evosmos

Thessaloniki -GREECE

Tel(0030)2310 774236

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This template allows you to:

Download a pre-built site to your computer.
Make changes site-wide changes.
Customize page content.
Publish to your host with the click of a button.



To help you with the set up of the site we have included ample information in a separate text file that you can find in the root of the web.


The company name graphic and TTS logo are just placeholders and you should replace them with your own graphics. The company name uses the font Bauhaus Md BT, size 30.

The template comes with blank gifs and .png for the buttons, company name, welcome image and right hand title graphics.


Several elements on the page are include components such as the company name and right hand information, these can be edited globally by updating the pages in the includes folder.

CSS menu

The left hand menu is CSS based and is very simple to edit. It can be found in the includes folder and the formatting can be done through the file style.css

NAC 707

- Gameshop
- Hellashi
- Arko
- Arbila
- E-vosmos

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